Advisory Board[ Break ]

Boryann Liaw
Idaho National Laboratory,USA
Acting Chairman of the Advisory Board of IBSW
Juergen Garche
Ulm University, Germany
Acting Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Board of IBSW
Jim Greenberger
Executive Director of the NAATBatt international, USA
Secretary of the Advisory Board of IBSW
Thomas Chapin
Vice President Corporate Research at Underwriters Laboratories Inc.
Xiangming He
Director of New Energy & Materials Chemistry Lab, Tsinghua University, China
Won Il Cho
Korea Institute of Science and Technology, Korea
President of the Korean Electrochemical Society
Franz Fuchs
Battery Cell Technology Specialist, BMW Group
Patrick Bernard
Corporate Research Director chez Saft
Seungbok Lee

Northvolt, Sweden

Andreas Jossen
Chair of professor at the Institute for Electrical Energy Storage Technology, TUM
Christopher Orendorff
Principal Investigator of the Battery Safety R&D Program and BATLab at Sandia National Laboratories
Minggao Ouyang
Chair of the 3rd IBSW Organizing Committee
Professor of School of Vehicle and Mobility, Tsinghua University
Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences